Châtelain — Brussels, 13 June 2022

Cologne, Spring 2022. ©Odysseas Digbassanis

Why aren’t you blossoming white rose?

All the other buds in your pot have,

and yet you refuse.

Water, sun, and soil

Too much pressure and toil.

Like a thirsty fish in the sea; ignorant.

Your thorns are strong, sharp seething swords.

Your trunk, sturdy and green.

And yet, your petals, white and gleaming… scarcely touch the light.

Why aren’t you blossoming white rose?

Have you been sapped by the other flowers?

I haven’t the courage to prune and snip you.

Your fate is to blossom, or is it?

All roses must blossom, surely? But all grow thorns, certainly?

Who decides your fate, little white rose?

Looking at you, perched on my windowsill.

Isolated, clear in the bouquet.

Questions to ask, answers to hear.

Maybe, someday.



Odysseas Digbassanis

Odysseas Digbassanis

Research Exec at FleishmanHillard in Brussels. All views are my own. Have lived in Madrid, Ankara, New York, Athens, Leamington Spa, Istanbul, and Brussels.