On an “A4” Life

Tourists in Athens near the parthenon
‘The Birthplace of Stoicism’, Ancient Agora of Athens — spring 2021 ©Odysseas Digbassanis

“you know, not everyone wants to live an A4 life”.

motorbikes in an Istanbul crossing
Istanbul — summer 2021 ©Odysseas Digbassanis

As a start…

trees in a park in Athens
‘Urban Trees at Sunset’, Athens — summer 2021 ©Odysseas Digbassanis

The failings of “airy” lives — the antithesis of A4

Hadrian’s library in Athens
‘Where Pausanias Stood’, Hadrian’s Library, Athens — spring 2021 ©Odysseas Digbassanis
a street corner in Athens
Athens — summer 2021 ©Odysseas Digbassanis



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