An Essay in Photographs, 2015–2016.

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The Old ICP School, Midtown Manhattan. 2015 (colour reversal film).

The Effects of Russian Insecurity

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Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference February 1945 (Image: Wikimedia Commons).


“At bottom of Kremlin’s neurotic…

For the Left to be a viable and strong political option in this new chaotic decade, it must move to the centre-ground.

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Campuses around the UK were subject to strikes by the University and College Union (UCU) in Terms 1 and 3. Representative of a fractured Left — Take notice of the Palestinian flag in the background. What do professors’ salaries and working hours have to do with liberation and Palestine? Image: Odysseas Digbassanis

A future after Covid-19 is a daunting thought. How might we be able to return to normality is an even more daunting question, as the Ithaca that we seek to harbour in again is no longer there. Writing on the 8th of April, what will come to be known as the early days of this history, leaves a lot liable to change. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care two nights ago. He suffers under the heavy burden of leading the country and fighting through the debilitating effects of this new Coronavirus, which has claimed the lives…

Odysseas Digbassanis

History and Politics undergraduate at the University of Warwick. Originally from Greece. I’ve lived in Madrid, Ankara, New York, and Athens.

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